-Hey man! Check this out. I got the best KUSH ever man!
-Aw, man… I’ve been so out…
You are sent from heaven! All right, man, light it up, homes!
-Ok, check it out man!

Yeah, it’s time to blaze that shit up.
Pass me the lighter.
Can I have a hit of that man, please?
Quit Bogarting you son of a bitch.

Verse 1 – B-Real
I’m the original Dr. Greenthumb, the rest are liars
I’m the one with the prescription to get you higher
I got every type of weed that you might desire
Go ahead, fire it up, maybe you can get inspired
Any kind of flavor you savor
I can do you the favor
Just as long as you share with your neighbor
Some like the « SourD », that’s an east coast way
But on the west coast we all know KUSH is queen
Some of y’all will smoke anything, but me, I’m picky
I throw it out if I don’t see that it’s green and sticky
No stress, no bush, I’m pushing the KUSH
When I harvest I put a « K » on the bag, like the Nike swoosh
All over the world, in case you wonder
I smoked everywhere I went, they call me the weed hunter
But no one does it better like we do in Cali
Just ask one of my patients cause they always tell me that the…

K.U.S.H. keeps us so high
The K.U.S.H. keeps us so high
The more I smoke, the high I get
The better I feel, I can’t quit
The more I smoke, the high I get
The better I feel, I can’t quit

Verse 2 – B-Real
Cottonmouth Kings are down with us
Snoop Dogg and Dre are down with us
Cheech and Chong, they’re down with us
But the DEA, they can get the nuts
On a HighTimes cover, you might see us
Taking hits from the bong with the aprons on
With weed so strong, that knockout King Kong
Hit it one good time… Your mind’s gone
Your eyes get red, and your mouth goes dry
Just hit me when you want more and I’ll supply
Red(man) and Meth(odman) said let’s gets stoned. I said « How High? »
They said high enough to touch God and kiss the sky
That’s a tall order, but I think I got what you need
I got the food for thought and I’m ready to feed
So, follow my lead I got the gifts to bring
It’s an everyday life for the Reefer King


Verse 3 – B-Real
I got the cream of the crop
My crop means cream
When it’s time to bag it up
I assemble the team
We’re like the Yankees, most winning, grand-champs of the herb
Nothing gets you like the type of medicine I serve
Lawyers, teachers, actors, street cleaners
No matter what they are, they all come to see the Reefer
They stay high 24 like Kiefer
I tell ’em don’t hit too hard, this is a creeper
Woody Harrelson is down with us
Bruce Willis smokes all, he’s down with us
Yeah, Willie Nelson is down with us
Who the fuck you think drives the ganja bus?
Dionne Warwick, she’s down with us
She got popped at the airport with joints and such
So if anyone asks, she’s down with us
And you don’t wanna enter my weed in the Cannabis cup
I’m Greenthumb, I reign supreme son
A strain better than mine? I’ve never seen one
The K.U.S.H. keeps us so high that you can’t concentrate
Dave Chapelle, is down with us
Halle Barry too, but don’t tell no one
KRS One is down with us
He’s a blood getting smoked and he can’t wake up


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