La qualité est bien pourrie, mais je filme avec un appareil photo compact de 2005… donc soyez indulgents !

i am that nigga
i am that nigga
i am that nigga
i am a negro
negro from necro,
meaning death
i overcame it
so they named me after it
and i be spittin’ at death from behind
and putting “kick me” signs on its’ back
because i am not the son of
sha clack clack

i am before that
i am before
i am before before
before death is eternity
after death is eternity
there is no death there is only eternity
and i be riding on the wings of eternity
like : yah ! yah ! yah !

sha clack clack

i exist like spit-fire
which you call the sun
and try to map out your future with sun-dails
but tic-toc-technology can no tic-toc me
i exist somewhere between tic and toc
dodging it like double-dutch
got me living double time
i was there before your time
my heart is made of the quartz crystals
that you be making clocks out of
and i be resurrection’ every third
like : tic-tic-tic

sha clack clack

no i won’t work a nine to five
because i am setting suns and orange moons
and my existence is this:
yet ever moving
and i am moving beyond time
because it binds me
it can set me free and
i’ll fly when the clock strikes me
like : yah ! yah ! yah !

sha clack clack

but my flight does not go undisturbed
because time makes dreams defer
and all of my time fears
are turning my days into day-mares
and i live day-mares
reliving nightmares
that once haunted my past

sha clack clack

time is beatin’ my ass
and i be havin’ dreams
of chocolate covered watermelons
filled with fried chicken like pinatas
with little pickaninny sons and daughters
standing up under them with
big sticks and aluminum foil,
hittin’ them,
trying to catch pieces
of fallen fried chicken wings.
and aunt jemima and uncle ben
are standing in the corners
with rifles pointed at all of the heads
of the little children.

“don’t shoot the children”, i shout.
“don’t shoot the children !”
But it’s too late.
they’ve already been infected by time.
but this shit is before my time…
i need more time ! i need less time !
… but it’s too late.

they start shooting at the children
and killing them :
one by one
two by two
three by three
four by four
five by five
six by six

but my spirit is growing
seven by seven
faster than the speed of light
’cause light only penetrates the darkness
that’s already there
and i am already there
i’m here at the end of the road
which is the beginning
of the road beyond time
but… where my niggas at ?

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