Nine Inch Nails & Saul Williams, Banged & Blown through

[Saul Williams:] We are broken… instruments Burst wide open… smashed and bent Not what you’d expect from these city streets Who serves to protect the orchestra in me? Conductor! Conductor!… I feel electricity Conductor! Conductor! Can you bring out the song in me? Instruments, instruments, instruments (banged and blown through) Instruments, instruments, instruments (banged and […]

Saul Williams, Black Stacey

I used to hump my pillow at night The type of silent prayer to make myself prepare for the light Me and my cousin Duce would rank the girls between one and ten And the highest number got to be my pillows pretend Now I apologize to every high ranker But you taught me how […]

Saul Williams, List of Demands

I want my money back, I’m down here drowning in your fat You got me on my knees praying for everything you lack I ain’t afraid of you, I’m just a victim of your fear You cower in your tower praying that I’ll disappear I got another plan, one that requires me to stand On […]